Veterans State Cemetery at Alliance Foundation

The Veterans State Cemetery at Alliance Foundation was created in November of 2010 to support the Nebraska Veterans Cemetery at Alliance.

Who We Are

Comprised of many Veterans, we take pride in our country
and understand the sacrifices made
by our service men and women.

As there are no fees for any services provided at NVCA, we work to support them where Operation funds are not available.

We work to insure that our Veterans are honored and their resting place is cared for according to military tradition. It is also our goal to assist in maintaining the site in pristine condition to display the gratitude owed to our Veterans and their families.

You Can Help

Because we are a non-profit organization, our support monies are mainly dependent on generous people like you.

Whether you have friends or family that served in the military, or just want to help honor those who have served our country we gladly accept any help you would like to offer.


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Nebraska Veterans Cemetery at Alliance


2610 CR 57

PO Box 718

Alliance, NE 69301-0718


Toll Free: 877.420.7990

Ph: 308.763.2958

Hours of Operation:

Visitation of graves: Dawn to Dusk 7 days a week Administration building: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST


More Coming


Honoring our service members and their families.

Click Here to see the current list of Interments at NVCA.